Wholesale Tungsten Carbide Rings

Tungsten carbide is an extremely hard and durable metal. Its strength and beauty have made it a popular choice for mens rings, especially those that are worn as a symbol of love and commitment. While tungsten is a great material for this purpose, tungsten carbide rings are typically constructed from a combination of other metals to maximize the positive properties of both. It is important to be aware of this distinction when shopping for a wholesale tungsten carbide ring, as some websites will refer to the product simply as a “tungsten ring.” This can lead to confusion and possibly result in a purchase of a ring that is weaker or less resistant than a tungsten carbide ring.

In its pure form, tungsten carbide (WC) exists as a meta-stable phase at room temperature. When sintering WC for use in cutting tools, it is combined with other metals such as cobalt to form a cemented carbide (WC-Co). These tools are highly abrasion resistant and can withstand higher temperatures than steel tools. This is important in applications such as metalworking, where parts are subjected to abrasion and high temperatures.

Another major use of tungsten carbide is in nuclear reactors. It is a good neutron reflector, which prevents the core from becoming critical by absorbing neutrons and reflecting them back to the center of the reactor. This is necessary for controlling the chain reaction that produces nuclear weapons.

Tungsten carbide is also used in a variety of consumer products such as golf clubs and ice scrapers. Its ability to resist corrosion and rust makes it ideal for these items, as well as many industrial applications. Tungsten carbide is a common component in the button inserts of rotary rock drills, roller cutters, long wall shearer picks and raiseboring reamers used in mining operations. These inserts are typically surrounded by a softer matrix of steel to increase wear resistance. wholesale tungsten carbide rings

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