Whole House Audio

If you’re looking for high-quality music in all areas of your home, a whole house audio system is the best solution. A professional can help you design a system that will fit your home and your listening preferences. They can also assist with the installation and integration of any other smart technology in your home.

Whether you’re throwing a party or enjoying some quiet time alone, you want to be able to enjoy your favorite tunes with ease. With a whole home audio system, you can keep the volume in control without having to constantly change the playlist or compete with your family for space at the kitchen or living room speakers. A professionally installed system allows you to strategically place speakers throughout your house so you can listen in any room or in outdoor spaces, and with just the touch of a button you can switch between different playlists and music sources.

What Is Whole House Audio?

A whole-house audio system can be wired or wireless. There are advantages to both options depending on your specific needs and budget. A wired system will give you the highest quality sound for your main rooms and dedicated media spaces, while a wireless system offers more flexibility to add speakers to other rooms or even to the outdoors. You can also combine both options to have some rooms hardwired while others are wireless.

In most cases, you’ll want to include a smart speaker with voice control like an Amazon Echo or Apple HomePod as part of your system for added convenience and functionality. This is especially true if you’re going with a wireless system that can be controlled with your phone or tablet.

AVDG can install a wide range of whole home audio systems that offer many benefits and can fit any budget. The price of a system will vary depending on how many rooms you’re planning to cover and the level of integration that you want.

A whole-house audio system is a great investment for any new or existing home. We recommend designing the system during the architectural design process and having the wiring run as it’s easier and more cost-effective than adding it later on or retrofitting your home. This feature will offer you many years of enjoyment and may add upsell value when it comes to selling your home. Contact us today to discuss your options or to request a quote. We look forward to helping you create a custom audio solution that fits your lifestyle and listening preferences!

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