What Can a Virtual Receptionist Do For Your Business?

For business owners who need to be out of the office during work hours or for personal reasons, a virtual receptionist is a great solution. These service providers can answer calls and take messages, set appointments and capture leads, all while representing your business as professional, reliable and responsive. They can even help your customers find the information they need, increasing customer satisfaction and loyalty.

For example, say you run an eCommerce company and you need to spend time sourcing supplies for the products and meeting with marketing professionals to bring in new sales. You can’t afford to miss important callers, but you also don’t want to hire a full-time receptionist for your small business because of the cost and hassle of training and payroll. Alternatively, you could outsource your reception services to a virtual receptionist provider and get the same level of customer support with far lower overhead.

In addition to answering phone calls, virtual receptionists can schedule appointments and capture leads, process orders, provide technical support and more. They can even send appointment reminders to ensure your clients show up for their meetings, reducing no-shows and last-minute cancellations.

Most virtual receptionists are trained to provide the best possible customer experience, and they can help your business meet a wide range of service levels. For instance, some can guarantee that a call will be answered before the third ring and forward incoming calls to your team members in real-time. They can also maintain a list of frequently asked questions that they can reference when helping your customers, further improving the experience and helping you cut down on phone transfer requests to your in-house team. virtual receptionist

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