Water Soluble Film

Water soluble film, also known as PVA or PVOH film, is a form of biodegradable packaging material that dissolves completely in water. It is a sustainable alternative to conventional plastics that cannot be recycled and does not persist in the environment or contaminate the recycling stream. The growing demand for eco-friendly solutions and the booming pharmaceutical industry are driving the growth of the water soluble film market.

The film is made from polyvinyl alcohol and is used for specific unit dose packaging of detergents, agrochemicals, dyes, cements, insecticides, pesticides, laundry bags, water treatment chemicals, and medical waste. The film is a cost effective and environmentally friendly solution that can be used to replace plastics in a range of applications, including infection control, and medical disposal as well as embroidery and laundry bag manufacturing.

The films are available in cold and hot water soluble formats depending on the product application. They can be printed using a variety of water soluble inks and are heat sealable. The film is also odourless and tasteless providing excellent barrier properties against odours, aromas and bacteria.

MonoSol is working closely with Kuraray to develop a food grade water soluble film which can be used to make pre-portioned protein shake packets that can be dissolved in a protein shaker bottle and eliminate the need for measuring out a powdered supplement. This product is in development now with the first sample products expected to be ready for launch at the end of 2019. MonoSol is also working on an innovation that will allow us to package a single dose of washing powder in a laundry bag which can then be put in the washing machine with clothes. water soluble film

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