Voiceovers – What You Need to Know

When a project requires a voice that doesn’t necessarily need to be seen, or a specific personality for a character or situation then a professional voice over artist can provide the perfect solution. They are able to interpret the script and create an interesting, engaging and convincing performance.

This can be in the form of an interview, radio show or TV/radio commercial but it also encompasses narration, educational content, brand awareness videos, explainer animation and foreign language dubbing. They can also be heard on phone systems introducing segments, answering machines and direct telephone prompts, voicing cartoon characters or radio dramas or even giving life to the voice of a toy when you press its buttons (think Buzz Lightyear).

Voice over actors can be hired on a freelance basis. They may work from home, a local studio or even the comfort of their car. They often keep a ‘voicereel’, the same as a showreel, to showcase their work and demonstrate their range of skills. In order to record a voiceover, a high quality microphone and editing software are essential tools. It is important to note that when a voiceover actor is recording they should avoid moving too much as this can cause volume inconsistencies. They should also make sure they take deep breaths from their diaphragm and not their chest, to ensure a steady airflow to avoid unwanted breathy noise.

When looking for a voiceover performer, be sure to choose one who can read well and express an array of emotions. If the right tone isn’t captured, it can detract from the message and the overall impact of a piece of work. voiceovers.uk

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