Trial Lawyers: Keeping up a Professional Appearance

A lawyer going into court for the trial of the case he is handling is very much alike to the soldier going into the battlefields to fight a war. Both must be equipped with everything they need to win their separate battles.

As a soldier cannot go into battle wearing flimsy, inappropriate apparel, the lawyer cannot also go into court to win a client’s lawsuit decked out in inappropriate get-up.

In court, the opening statements and first instances of arguments serve as a rich venue for the arbitrators, juries and judges to observe the lawyer and form their initial impressions of him and the case he is representing. Given this reality, a trial lawyer must be adept in putting up an appearance and demeanor that will possibly generate the most positive influence to form such first impressions.

In the beginning, if a lawyer presents an appearance of being offensive, his image more or less becomes tarnished for the rest of the proceedings. In the eyes of those observing the lawyer, he already has a lower ethos. However persuasive his arguments may be, these may also be affected by the initial appearance he has shown.

There is an existing diversity in dress standards for every part of the country. In the western part, the code of apparel is far more casual and relaxed compared to some sections in the East Coast.

There is no given recommendation on the standards of dress codes. However, every lawyer must see to it that his way of dressing and overall appearance does not radically oppose or offend the general dress standards in the particular area where he will appear for a trial.  Lawyers must also be aware of their audience expectations or standards on how an attorney at law ought to look.

According to Paul Mark Sandler in The Daily Record , many trial lawyers tend to avoid using bow ties because of the belief that juries are not inclined to trust someone wearing bow ties. On the other hand, lawyers who are going to argue appeal cases or are representing cases with no jury trial does not hesitate to use bow ties.

Although a lawyer may prefer colorful or more casual attires, traditional suits remain largely as a good manifestation of professionalism and competence, and thus most recommended.

For trial lawyers going into court, they must appear conservative in a certain way that is well matched to the attire they are most comfortable with. His whole get-up must also be consistent with his regular personal style and adaptable to the expectations of the audience. Scheidungsanwalt

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