Top Employee Communication Apps

The best employee communication apps connect frontline workers with the rest of the organization to streamline communication, boost collaboration, and promote digital transformation. By providing a single platform where company news is published, projects are organized, and important files are stored, these tools also help reduce confusion and frustration that can often result from disorganized work processes and multiple communication channels.

Some of the top apps focus on delivering the latest business news, while others are best for fostering collaboration or building communities. The selection process should begin with identifying what objectives you want to achieve, and then compare features offered by each app to determine which one is the best fit. For example, some apps have a newsfeed and allow employees to comment on posts while others offer instant messaging and 1-1 or group chats. Depending on your objectives, some apps may also include a people directory and the ability to stream town hall meetings.

An employee communications app is a good option for companies looking to replace email, which has been found to be unreliable for sharing critical workplace information. These apps are typically designed to be accessed as an individual mobile app without the need for a company email address or business phone number, and provide secure access to content from other connected apps. Many of these apps also incorporate workflow builder functionality to automate routine tasks and digitize forms.

RingCentral offers an all-in-one communication app for unified messaging, phone and video calls. Users can seamlessly transition between team texting, phone and video conferences, or desk-based conference phones. Admins can create, publish and measure content using the publishing studio and require that workers acknowledge critical messages with push notifications.

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