The Growing Field of Cyber Security

Whether you’re an IT professional or are looking for the next career move, cyber security is a field that has tremendous growth potential. It’s a wide-open space with roles as varied as the lines of code running on every website.

Every business today relies on technology and the internet to operate, but that dependence can also expose businesses to cyber-attacks. Cybersecurity helps companies protect their data, reputation, and bottom line from the damaging effects of these attacks.

Keeping up with the ever-changing threat landscape can be challenging, but that’s why cybersecurity is such an exciting industry to work in. New technologies and attack avenues constantly emerge, and hackers are always innovating their methods. Cybersecurity professionals must adapt quickly to keep pace with these changes and prevent their systems from becoming vulnerable to attack.

Another challenge is adhering to compliance regulations. Cybersecurity assessments can help identify areas where employees are less than diligent with compliance, and can be used to develop stronger policies that better enforce and monitor compliance.

A strong cybersecurity program is designed to protect three main entities: endpoint devices like computers and smart phones; networks; and the cloud. Common technologies that are used to secure these entities include firewalls, antivirus software, and email security solutions.

It’s also important to have policies in place that empower employees to act with confidence and awareness. This will help mitigate the types of human error that can lead to a devastating breach. For example, enabling employees to use encryption software on their laptops can make it safer for them to work remotely and access information from public WiFi networks (like those at coffee shops) without fear that someone is snooping on their data. Managed Detection and Response

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