The benefits of supplying vitamin A

However, some scientists believe that vitamin A compounds can stimulate the immune system against tumor. The palmitic acid retinyl ester can produce 100 times stronger anti-tumor effect than the other pair of the tumor immune response to BCG. Therefore, some scientists believe that vitamin A have the cancer preventive effect, this is perhaps one of the most important discoveries in cancer prevention. But taking large doses of vitamin A will lead to toxic reaction. So that scientists recommended that the important issue is how to synthesize and screening new vitamin A derivatives that no toxic effects, to prevent and treat cancer. With the social development and the improvement of people’s living standards, a variety of diseases also showed an upward trend, timely take preventive measures can help friends away from the troubles of various diseases, especially the disease like cancer, vitamin A in the prevention of tumor has great help, it also the human’s indispensable vitamin.

In addition, vitamin A also has a great help on skin. But vitamin A has many types, how to choose have a little trouble. Whether we should use non-prescription vitamin A skin care products, or buy vitamin A drugs under the dermatologist’s guidance?

Retinol is the intact vitamin A molecule, it is a cosmetic raw material, used only in non-prescription products. Retinol can be broken down into other forms of vitamin A, appears in skin care products or prescription drugs. Prescription vitamin A drugs containing an ingredient called vitamin A acid. Vitamin A acid is much more effective than retinol, but has more possibility to cause skin irritation. No matter prescription or non-prescription, various forms of vitamin A are playing the role of cell communication factors. Which means they can command skin cells to work normally, even make skin cells become more dynamic. If the skin damaged by sun, the role of cell communication factor is huge, because after skin photoaging will produce rigid, unhealthy, abnormal cells.

Vitamin A and vitamin A acid have a role on promoting growth and can maintain normal epithelial, but partially coated vitamin A actually does not work on the skin, oral administration of vitamin A is good for skin diseases. Vitamin A acid topical applied to the skin has a strong pharmacological properties, the topical vitamin A acid can improve the aging skin due to exposure to the sun. Vitamin A acid to various skin diseases such as acne, ichthyosis, pityriasis rubra pilaris, unusual warts have a significant effect, can be used for the adjuvant treatment of psoriasis drugs. Eliminate fine wrinkles, reduce skin roughness, reduce pigmentation, make the skin becomes rosy. tretinoin gel

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