Screw Types – Socket Head and Button Head Socket Cap Screws

A screw, bolt or nut is used to connect two objects together. When fastening these two objects together it must generate a compression load, resist loosening due to vibration and stand up to the stress and strain of use. The screw must also have a high tensile strength. Screw types are available in a variety of styles to meet these needs. Two of the most commonly used screw types are socket head cap screws and button head socket cap screws. The difference between these two screw types is that cap screws have a cylindrical head while button head socket cap screws have a low domed head.

Button head socket cap screws, also known as Allen or hex key drive socket screws, are fasteners that have a low domed head with a recessed hexagon drive. They can be turned with a standard hex wrench and are able to handle higher torque specifications than a phillips or slotted screw. These types of socket screw have a wide bearing surface that enables them to hold the screw firmly in place, preventing it from loosening or falling out.

They have a lower profile compared to other screw types and are used in applications where a wider bearing surface is needed or a finished appearance is desired. They are ideal for projects where clearance is limited or when a traditional socket head cap screw can’t be used due to height restrictions. These screws feature a projecting collar that acts like a washer and distributes the load around the head.

These socket screws have a head height that is 50% lower than a traditional socket head cap screw. They are typically used in thinner materials where clearance is limited and cannot be able to accommodate the maximum preload rating of a traditional socket head cap screw. These screws can still withstand the compression load but do not produce the same level of tensile strength as a traditional socket head cap screw.

These screw types have a low profile, which allows them to be driven into a material that would otherwise be too thick for a hex wrench or socket driver. They are also used in tight spaces where the head of a standard socket head cap screw could potentially interfere with components or wires. These screw types also have no protrusions that could snag on clothing or other items while being used, making them safer for use in areas where there is a risk of injury. These screw types are often used in medical and industrial equipment, computer hardware and hand or power tools. They are made from quality materials that are heat treated for a strong, long lasting finish. They are available in a variety of sizes and finishes to suit your specific application. If you need help deciding on the best type of socket screw for your next project, our experts are here to help. Contact us today for more information. button head cap screw

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