Retail Digital Marketing

retail digital marketing is a shopper-oriented approach to online advertising that uses data to reach customers where they are, across channels and devices. It allows marketers to connect with consumers at the precise moment they are looking for what they are selling, whether it is a new pair of sneakers or a puppy.

As the lines between online and offline shopping blur, it’s crucial that brands have a digital strategy that is aligned with their physical locations and offers the same great customer experience across all channels. Consumers are using their mobile devices in-store to check prices and product reviews, and retailers need a plan for this that is both data driven and customer focused.

The proliferation of different selling channels like corporate websites, social media and online advertising as well as numerous consumer purchasing devices such as laptops, smartphones and tablets has intensified the challenges faced by retail businesses. They need to be active and optimised on all these channels and devices, which can also create a lot of competition between brands and manufacturers.

Moreover, consumers have high expectations about how personalized their buying experiences should be. While they are happy to provide a wide range of data to retailers, they expect that this information is used in a way that is relevant and respectful to them. The best way to do this is by using a data platform that unifies and activates your CRM and online behavioral data to generate unified customer profiles (in a GDPR-compliant manner). This data can then be used to deliver a personalized experience, from start to finish, across every channel.

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