Quooker – Instant Boiling Water and Chilled Water Tap

A continuous supply of boiling water is a must on days when Ottolenghi recipes are tried out. Using a Quooker ensures it’s available instantly.

Save space under the bench and make use of unused storage with this all-in-one boiling, chilled, sparkling and filtered water appliance. Zip HydroTap features a single under bench command centre with full colour interactive touch screen display with pin code protection, 2 boiling water safety modes, 3 energy saving modes including sensor activated “sleep when it’s dark” and 0.2 micron water filtration.

Insinkerator Steaming Hot Water Tap

The world’s first steaming tap dispenses 98 degree Celsius, filtered, boiling water on demand. It’s perfect for making tea, preparing pasta, blanching vegetables and cleaning dishes – or anything that requires boiled water.

With a sleek black velvet finish and ergonomically designed features, this Insinkerator kitchen tap will add contemporary style to any kitchen. It’s made in Italy and designed to suit any modern home, with a stylish swivel spout that allows you to direct the flow of water wherever you need it.

It’s simple to use and easy to install, with a built-in thermostat that lets you set your preferred temperature. It’s also designed to be energy efficient, with a high flow rate and minimal water usage.

It’s also one of the most compact options on the market and has been awarded a Trusted Reviews ‘Recommended’ accolade, with a four and a half out of five star rating. It’s perfect for a new kitchen installation or renovation and comes in a choice of three gorgeous Italian-made designs; the slick Lia, the curvier gooseneck shaped Juno or the striking U shaped Uso. It also includes a stainless steel water tank, is Watermark certified and has a two year manufacturer warranty.

Insinkerator Matt Black Kitchen Tap

The incredibly popular InSinkErator 3N1 taps are now available in the on-trend finish of Matte Black. Streamlining worktops and creating a stylish focal point, these taps safely dispense filtered steaming hot water alongside regular hot and cold options all within a sleek and stylish one-piece Italian designed fixture.

Boasting a high WELS rating of 5.1 and an Energy Star certification, this energy efficient tap can help reduce your carbon footprint as well as save you money on your electricity bill! The push lock safety lever helps prevent scalding and the insulated swivel spout allows you to manoeuvre it to where you need it.

The integrated filtration system is easy to change and can be installed in the same way as your normal kitchen mixer tap, making it the perfect upgrade for any existing sink. The filter reduces chlorine, chemicals, sediment and pesticides, so you can enjoy fresh, natural tasting filtered water at the flick of a switch. This tap is designed to suit single or double bowl sinks and comes with all the necessary hardware and easy to follow instructions for a hassle-free installation. The MultiTap System is compact enough to fit under a standard sink, with the water tank being about the size of a toaster and plugs into the same outlet as your other kitchen taps.

Insinkerator Swivel Spout Steaming Hot Water Tap

The perfect alternative to a kettle, this smart tap dispenses boiling water or cold filtered water at the touch of a lever. Its swivel spout offers flexibility for use, allowing you to easily reach even the hardest-to-reach places in your sink. Its sleek design will complement any kitchen decor and its push lock hot valve ensures your family stays safe from accidental scalding.

Designed for contemporary kitchens, the HC3300 Tap from InSinkErator offers a modern solution to replace your old tap. Installed alongside the separate tank, it dispenses near-boiling water (98°C) to make tea or coffee as well as ambient filtered water. It’s easy to operate with one smart lever that dispenses either steaming hot or normal hot and cold water, thanks to a hot push lever locking mechanism.

Whether you’re looking for a stylish tap to add to your new kitchen or replacing an existing tap, this Matt Black Kitchen Tap from Insinkerator is the ideal choice. It comes with an easy-to-install kit for solid surface mounting and is compatible with standard plumbing connections. It also features a 360° swivel spout, corrosion-resistant ceramic disc valve and self-closing hot valve for safety. It requires a minimum of 1 bar water pressure for operation. An optional filtration system is available to remove chlorine, sediment, pesticides, solvents and dirt to give you fresh tasting water straight from your sink.

Billi B-5000 Boiling Chilled and Sparkling Filtered Water with XL Levered Dispenser

With a range of stunning designs and materials to choose from, you’re sure to find the perfect Billi unit to suit your home. Whether you’re after a warm rose gold tap to compliment your new kitchen or sleek matte black to enhance your current décor, Wellsons stock a wide variety of Billi units in every colourway you could imagine.

This premium Billi drinking solution features boiling, chilled and sparkling filtered water at the flick of a lever. Operated with position-sensitive levers, this tap uses a unique energy saving reclaim system to use residual heat from the chilling process to preheat the boiling function and reduce power consumption. It also includes a ground-breaking Puraguard antimicrobial coating to protect your taps against the growth of bacteria, mould and fungus for up to 24hrs.

The sparkling system delivers a high saturation of carbon dioxide which results in longer lasting bubbles and better taste. Adjust the level of sparkling to your liking using the simple adjustable control knob and the temperature of chilled water can be raised or lowered to achieve perfectly refreshing drinks.

Safety first, the B5000 has an inbuilt SplashFree feature that electronically varies the water flow to slow the delivery momentarily, eliminating splashing as it enters your cup. The tap is also available with the option of an Eco filter cartridge that not only removes sediment and chemicals, but also helps reduce the amount of energy used by the dispenser by up to 80%. instant boiling water and chilled water tap

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