Plantation Shutters – An Overview

Plantation shutters are a modified form of the Louvre shutters as they are made by adding two or more frames of vertical Louvre. These Louvres are moved using a rod which is fixed to the outside of the Louvre. Whenever you wish to open or close these shutters,

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 the rod needs to be moved up or down. Plantation shutters are popular as the homeowners can allow a certain amount of light to come inside and they can also decide the direction of the light by angling the louvre. When the full window exposure is needed, these louvres can be pulled back or thrown back and the whole window will become unobstructed.

Plantation shutters are popular due to multiple reasons. One main reason is the classy look of the shutters. Another benefit of the shutters is the ability to control the light. These louvres can be adjusted to allow whatever proportion of natural light the homeowner wants to let in. The shutters don’t need to have a gap to let the light in, like a blind or a curtain. Thus, these shutters provide great privacy for the interior of the house while allowing natural light in. easy maintenance of these shutters also prove to be a reason behind their popularity as simple dusting is enough to keep these shutters clean and healthy.

However, the initial cost of installing the shutters is more than any other type of window fixture. But these are long term investments and the shutters are durable and lasts much longer than curtains or blinds. Plantation shutters have resale value as well and add to the overall value of any property. In fact, these shutters can be made to fit custom sized windows and unusual arches with little effort.

There are different styles of plantation shutters and the width of the louvre, the size of the shutter panels and the colour are the major considerations here. If someone is looking for a modern and trendy look, wide louvre shutters would do great but for a more traditional and conservative look, shutters with narrow louvres are ideal. Apart from the louvre width, the colour of the louvre is also important. The commonly available colours are white, grey, black, grey green, oak, beige or cherry. However, shutters are also available without any colour and it allows the homeowners to match the colour to their interior easily. Most homeowners choose plantation shutters in West London. Shutter blinds Newcastle

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