Pilates Classes in Wollongong

If you’re looking for a workout to strengthen, tone and improve your balance and posture, pilates is the perfect exercise to try. However, it’s important to have the right technique to maximise the benefits and reduce your risk of injury. Using the correct equipment is also essential. This is why you should go to a qualified Pilates instructor, who will not only teach you the moves, but ensure you are performing them correctly to get the best results from the exercises and avoid injury.

At Wellness Traditional Pilates, instructors adhere to Joseph Pilates principles & guide students towards mastering their own body as originally intended. With limited class sizes they aim to deliver a more personal, supportive experience. They focus on core principles including correct breathing, technique, mindfulness, centreing flow, concentration & precision. Their instructors use the philosophy of ‘kaizen’ for small, continual improvements for long-term health and strength.

Whether you’re a beginner or experienced, these Pilates studios in wollongong will help you achieve your fitness goals. Whether you’re trying to recover from an injury, wanting to maintain your current fitness or are pregnant, they have classes for all levels. Their Pre-Natal Pilates is a great class for pregnant women, helping them prepare for labour and the birthing process, whilst developing strength, stability and flexibility.

Their reformer and tower classes are the latest revolution in Pilates, using spring loaded resistance to add a different challenge to your Pilates routine. This enables the body to move in all planes of movement, strengthening muscles that are often overlooked in other fitness workouts. They also offer a range of other equipment including swiss balls, Pilates ball and jump board to create a full body challenge.

At BFT Wollongong, their Cardio U classes are designed to boost your cardiovascular endurance. These 50-minute sessions incorporate cardio training to burn fat and build lean muscle. The class works by alternating between working out hard and then resting to bring your heart rate down before cranking it up again. This helps you reach your target heart rate zone for your ‘work’ and’recovery’ periods, resulting in maximum fat burning and increased stamina. pilates in wollongong

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