Managed Cybersecurity Services

Defending corporate data against cyberattacks is becoming increasingly complex and demanding. With specialized managed cybersecurity services (MSS), organizations can outsource their security needs to a third-party service provider to help them manage cyber threats and meet business requirements.

MSS providers monitor and interpret important system events throughout the enterprise, including unauthorized behavior, malicious hacks, denial-of-service attacks, and anomalies. In the event of an incident, they notify the business about the threat and initiate actions to contain it. They also keep in touch with the organization and work together to ensure that the incident has minimal impact on the business.

An effective cybersecurity system requires a full team of skilled and trained specialists with the right hardware, software, and licenses. This investment can be prohibitive for small and medium-sized businesses, especially considering the high probability of a cyber attack. An MSS vendor offers a cost-effective alternative to building and running an in-house team, charging a monthly fee for comprehensive managed security services.

With 24/7 threat detection and response capabilities, an MSS vendor reduces attacker “dwell time” on the network by promptly detecting and stopping breaches before they cause damage. They also provide regular reports and logs that serve as proof of compliance with industry standards.

When choosing an MSP, look for a global provider with a robust infrastructure and global footprint. This enables the MSP to detect and respond to attacks more quickly as it has access to a broader set of intelligence and threat data.

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