How to Succeed As a Celebrity Bodyguard

When celebrities become popular they need to hire bodyguards who protect them from crazy fans, paparazzi and other people that can be a threat. Usually, these people are not only good looking but they also take their job seriously. Bright Side collected 15 attractive celebrity bodyguards who could easily make it on the cover of a fashion magazine.

When it comes to protecting the rich and famous, the skills required to succeed are not easy to master. Celebrity bodyguards must be able to anticipate threats & act fast in tense situations. The job is a high-stakes one, but it’s also extremely rewarding.

Besides physical strength, these professionals need to have excellent communication skills. They also need to be able to defuse conflicts before they turn violent. They often work around the clock & must be available whenever they’re needed. This requires a high level of mental strength that can be obtained through years of rigorous training & real-life experiences.

Some of the most famous celebrity bodyguards have even become famous in their own right, like Julius de Boer who is the longest-serving bodyguard of Jay Z and Beyonce. Others have gone on to form their own security agencies, such as Mark Billingham who was once Tom Cruise’s bodyguard.

Celebrity bodyguards must know how to handle any situation at any time and must be able to predict the behavior of their client. For example, talking to a fan is one thing but going on vacation to Europe creates a different set of challenges. Joseph Daher

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