How to Select a Portable Water Pump

An effective portable water pump is a critical tool in any disaster preparedness kit. They are used to pump water out of basements, clean up flood waters and can even help in transporting potable water around homes or businesses. Portable water pumps are available in both electric and gasoline-powered units. Electric units run on electricity and are the best choice for use in homes and other controlled environments where a generator is often available. Gasoline-powered pumps run on gasoline and are used for situations where access to a power source is limited or unavailable.

The first step in selecting a portable water pump is to determine your specific needs and goals. For example, you may need a water pump that can transfer a certain amount of water per minute or one that can lift water to a particular height. You can find this information by examining the performance charts of each pump model. Look at the total head (sometimes called the maximum dynamic head) and the flow rate, which is measured in gallons or liters per minute.

Another important consideration is whether you want a battery-powered or electric pump. If you choose an electric pump, you’ll need to decide if you want a rechargeable or disposable battery and to make sure the battery size is adequate for your needs.

Many people prefer the portability of an electric pump, but you’ll need to consider your available power sources. For instance, in remote locations or for uses like firefighting, it may be more practical to opt for a propane conversion kit that converts the pump from an electric motor to a gas-powered engine.

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