How to Manage Your YouTube Comments

Like any social media platform, YouTube comment threads can get ugly. Haters gonna hate, spammers gonna spam, and trolls will troll. But if you’re using youtube as part of your marketing strategy, effectively managing comments can be a powerful tool to drive engagement, build community, and elevate your video in the YouTube algorithm.

Whether you’re a vlogger or a corporate brand, you probably have to manage your channel’s comments from time to time. You might need to delete a comment that wasn’t quite right, or you might need to edit one that came out offensive or otherwise embarrassing. In either case, it’s important to know how to do this properly so that you don’t damage your brand image.

To edit a YouTube comment, click or tap the three vertical gray dots in the top right corner of your comment. Select Edit to change your comment’s content, or Delete to remove it entirely. Your edited comment will display the word (edited) next to its timestamp.

You can also view your liked comments by going to your YouTube profile and tapping More, then viewing your comment history. Note that you only have access to your own comments and not those of other users, so you will need to search for your own to see their liked remarks.

To make a new comment on a YouTube video, go to the comments section and look for your profile picture (if you’re logged in) or the words “Add a comment.” Click or tap that to create a new comment. Note that you can only add comments to public videos, and your comment will be visible to anyone who watches the video.

YouTube highlights certain comments for users, including those from the video creator themselves. Highlighting a comment moves it to the top of the comments section and makes it easier for viewers to find. It also generates a unique URL that can be shared with friends, in social media posts, and more.

To highlight a comment, head to the comments section of a YouTube video and hover your mouse over the comment you want to be highlighted. A small icon will appear that says . Click or tap this to highlight the comment. You can then share the comment by clicking or dragging it to your preferred social network. You can also use the permalink link in your browser’s address bar to access your highlighted comment. When you click or drag the comment to another page, it will be unhighlighted. youtube comments

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