How to Install a Norcold Replacement Cooling Unit

A Norcold replacement cooling unit is a great way to reseal the back of your refrigerator and keep it cool for years to come. Our new cooler comes with a new universal control system, foam sealant and thermal mastic.

It will take a little bit of time to replace your Norcold cooling unit but the results are well worth it. When you are done you will have a refrigerator that will last for many more camping trips or even full time living.

Our remanufactured Norcold cooling units are made to the highest quality standards and are a significant savings over replacing your entire refrigerator. Each remanufactured cooling unit is tested for proper operation, packaged and shipped by us.

The number one reason RV refrigerators fail is because the cooling unit rusts out and starts leaking ammonia. This is usually accompanied by the freezer not cooling or making a gurgling sound.

If your Norcold is leaking ammonia, the cooling unit has failed and must be replaced. This will usually be accompanied by an odor of ammonia and the refrigerator not working properly or making a gurgling sound when the heat is turned on.

Before you install your new cooling unit it is best to lay the refrigerator down so that the evaporator is on the ground and the holding tank is above it. This will allow the fluids to run down and into the boiler instead of into the weak solution cavity. This will also give you and your helper a chance to get a feel for the positioning of the refrigeration pocket for optimum fit. Norcold replacement cooling unit

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