How Pressure Cleaning Services Can Give Your Home or Business a Facelift

Using a high-pressure spray, pressure cleaning services can remove mildew, mold, dirt, mud, salt, oil, chewing gum and more from exterior surfaces. It’s one of the fastest and most cost-effective ways to give a building or home a face-lift.

Leaving grime and mold to build up can lead to significant damage. For example, mold and moss can eat away at paint and concrete sealant, weakening their integrity. Keeping up with power washing removes these substances before they cause any major damage.

It also prevents safety hazards. For example, clogged gutters can cause roof leaks and water damage. Regularly cleaning a roof with a ladder and brush could take days, but power washing can get the job done in hours.

Even commercial spaces can benefit from professional pressure washing. The building’s facade, dumpster area, parking lot and awnings can all be improved with regular cleanings. It’ll improve the customer experience for employees and clients, and make the space look newer and more respectable.

Before starting a cleaning job, it’s important to assess the situation and prepare. This includes removing any items like plants or furniture from the area to be cleaned. It’s also a good idea to close windows and doors and cover any electrical outlets or doorbells that could come into contact with the spray. Also, if a surface is painted with lead paint, it should never be power washed. This can lead to the contamination of groundwater. If it’s necessary to power wash a surface with lead paint, a certified environmental specialist should be consulted first. pressure cleaning services

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