Healthy Eating in Riyadh

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has a long history of spicing up dishes with a plethora of herbs and spices. The country’s location along ancient trade routes shaped its culinary traditions, which today showcase the country’s rich tapestry of flavors and the ability to adapt to desert conditions with ingenuity and flair.

The health-minded movement in Riyadh has grown exponentially in recent years, with the government even setting a target of reducing the prevalence of obesity and diabetes among adults by 2022. The push has been helped by the growing popularity of restaurants that promote healthy eating and exercise.

A number of such places have emerged across the city, with many offering a comprehensive selection of nutritious meals that cater to various dietary requirements. Some of these include RAW – The Health Bar, Yogi Restaurant, and Hustle N’ Flow Eatery, all of which provide healthy food options like acai bowls, smoothies, all-day brunches, wraps, and pizza.

To help people stay hydrated, there are also several options available for beverages, such as green tea, lemon water, cinnamon water, or turmeric water. In addition to this, experts recommend drinking a sufficient amount of water throughout the day to keep the body well hydrated. This can be achieved by consuming around two to three glasses of water each hour. Moreover, people should avoid consuming carbonated drinks and sugary beverages that increase the risk of tooth decay. This is because they contain a high amount of sugar and caffeine, which can lead to an imbalance in the body’s electrolytes. أكل صحي الرياض

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