Health and Safety Awareness Course

A health and safety awareness course is important for anyone that works in a workplace environment. It enables them to recognise hazards that may exist in the workplace and introduce measures to mitigate these.

A well-run course can also help boost employee morale. This is because it demonstrates that the company is dedicated to ensuring its employees are safe and healthy. Furthermore, it can minimise the risk of lawsuits or bad publicity if an accident were to occur in the workplace.

In this online eLearning safety course participants will be taught about why health and safety is so important and how to follow government and HSE guidelines in the workplace. The course covers many areas including the control of substances hazardous to health, manual handling, electrical safety and fire safety.

The training also looks at how to recognise and respond to a fire, what to do in the event of an accident, how to use first aid and what to do in the case of COSHH inspections.

In addition, the course will also explain CDM regulations and the key documents that need to be produced for a construction project. Finally, the training will cover the importance of reporting injuries, accidents and ill-health and the ways that workers can get support and advice from their employer, health and safety representative or joint health and safety committee members. health and safety awareness course

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