Giving Extra Care to Your Designer Watch

Designer watches are quality watches that have longer life span compared to ordinary watches. With its known durability, you cannot just take for granted the maintenance you have to perform regularly to optimize the performance of your designer watch. Remember, you have spent a huge amount for the watch so it is just but necessary to keep it last for a long time.

Manufacturers always append user’s manual to the box or packaging of your designer’s watch. Keep that manual for current or future use. Always refer to the manufacturer’s instruction for manual care and warranties of your purchased designer watches. And some certificate of warranty claims are within the manual’s pages.

Water is hazardous to your designer watch especially if you are usually exposed to such, like when you do washing; go to swimming or diving, or when you are unexpectedly caught by the rain. The water may seep in the inside parts of the watch causing some damages. Even the moisture from your sweat may penetrate in the watch cover too.

Always follow the guidelines on water exposure as written in the manufacturer’s manual. Some watches are not water resistant and not even water proof so be careful not to damage your watch with water. The water resistance levels of watches may vary from a model to another. Thus, be very extra careful about it and there are some activities where you are prohibited to use your watch. Better read the user’s manual before trying to use your watch while undergoing some activities where water cannot be avoided.

Check the gasket and the cover O-ring of your designer watch. If you have been using the watch for several years now, the water resistance may have been affected with loose covers or defective gaskets. If your watch’s has been opened for repair of inside mechanical parts, never expose it to water. The gasket and the ring seals is no longer that enough to protect your watch from water leakage.

When there are some incidents that water enters your watch, make sure to dry it immediately so as not to cause further damage. Wipe the parts and keep it dry. If you feel like you can’t remove the moisture inside your watch, have it done by authorized repair shops. They have tools necessary for any watch repair activity.

Be careful not to place your designer watch in an extremely hot or cold area. Extreme heat may lower the battery lifespan and the coldness may cause moisture.

Never let your watch withstand in dusty areas and to avoid discoloration and scratches, be careful not to expose your designer watch from chemicals, solvents and gases and never get it in contact with magnets for it affects time accuracy. When wiping your watch, use smooth fabric. Be careful not to drop your watch or come in contact with hard objects. But since they are with your wrists, tear and wear is possible even if they are from the most expensive and durable designer watches. Watch repair shop near me

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