Finding the Right Curly Hair Salon in Melbourne

Finding a hairdresser who is right for you can be a difficult enough quest when you have curly hair. It’s no wonder folk with luscious kinks and coils often spend years barber-hopping and salon-sampling while enduring smile-through-tears moments when new hairdressers ask if they like their fresh ‘do. The right hairdresser for your curls will not only give you a fantastic cut, but also help you embrace and maintain the health of your textured locks in-between appointments.

Swathed in Aveda aromas, you’ll have ‘curl love’ written all over you as soon as you step through the doors of Rhodes Hair & Spa salon in Melbourne’s bible belt of beauty. Owner Tina, who hails from New Zealand, keeps this Prahran beauty gem of a salon under wraps so word-of-mouth can keep the crowds coming in. She’s a true curl-wizard and knows how to transform even the most unruly kinks and coils into envy-inducing ringlets.

Aoki Hair is all about the Curly Girl Method, and educating clients on how to look after their textured hair. This salon is a one-stop shop for everything from an analysis of your facial shape to recommendations on the best products to keep your curls hydrated at home. curly hair salon melbourne

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