Fenbendazole Powder

Fenbendazole powder is a medication used to treat parasites and worms in pets. It is also being investigated as a cancer treatment option for humans through the Joe Tippens Protocol.

The drug is usually well tolerated by dogs, but a few side effects can include vomiting, diarrhea, loss of appetite, or lethargy. These symptoms should clear up once the medication is out of your dog’s system.

A compounded form of fenbendazole may be prescribed by your veterinarian if there is a reason your pet can’t take the FDA-approved pill in capsule form, if a certain dosage strength is not commercially available, or if your pet has an allergy to an ingredient in the generic version of the medication. Compounding medications are created by a licensed pharmacist on an individual basis to fit your pet’s needs.

This is a sterile powder for oral administration. Each gram of powder contains 250 mg of Fenbendazole. It is recommended for Cattle, Sheep, Goat & Pigs infestation with gastro-intestinal nematodes and lungworms including Haemonchus spp, Ostertagia spp, Trichostrongylus spp, Nematodirus spp and Oxyuris spp.

The powder can be top-dressed on the feed or mixed with water. It comes with a scoop that makes it easy to measure out and administer the medication. 3 strength combinations are available. Store in a dry, dark place. fenben powder

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