Do I Need a Video to Set Up My YouTube Account?

If you’ve been wanting to join YouTube but you don’t have any videos to share, don’t worry. You don’t need a video to join YouTube. In fact, the majority of the users on YouTube don’t have a video, they just like to watch videos and interact with the other users through comments and ratings. You’ll need an account in order to post comments and rate videos, so let’s get started with your very own:

The process of signing up for YouTube is pretty simple, more so than getting an email account at most places. Just click Create Account at the top of their homepage. You’ll be asked to choose a username. There are many users on YouTube so most of the short or obvious names are already taken. Use something unique or add some numbers to your preferred login name. You can click Check Availability to see if the name is available, and this will help you skip having to think of another name later in the sign up process.

Next you’ll want to choose your location, date of birth, and gender. Your location will establish which features and what kinds of videos you will be shown. This can be changed later if you’re not satisfied with your options. Your date of birth is used to filter out videos that are tagged for mature audiences. Gender is most likely used for demographic tracking by YouTube so they can let advertisers know which videos are being watched by women and men.

You can check the box if you want people to be able to find your YouTube account with their email. If you enable this, and a friend of yours joins YouTube they can scan their email contact list for people that already have YouTube accounts. That way they can add you as a friend on YouTube. Next check the box if you want to receive updates from YouTube. I recommend turning that one off because they send enough useless emails even if you don’t click the box. Last, click on I Accept at the bottom stating that you’ve read their Terms of Service and you’re in.

You’ll want to click on the verification link in the confirmation email they will send you. The will give your account all of the features with no restrictions. If you do decide to upload a video or make one with your webcam later, you will need to have confirmed your email address so it’s best to get it out of the way at the beginning.

Note: If you have a Google account you can already access YouTube with it. Just visit YouTube while logged in to Google, and you’ll see that you’re already logged in to YouTube. If you don’t have a Google account you will automatically get one when you sign up for YouTube. You can then add additional Google services to your account once you have it set up, like Gmail. get youtube comment likes

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