Direct proof of existence of Vital Force/Prana

In a way man’s body is a mobile electric power house. On its basis infinite parts/organs attached to the factory called the body function and amazing computer like parts attached to the brain are controlled by it. The functioning of gigantic machines/technology is dependent on powerful engines and motors. Maybe the human body is not so gigantic yet it’s designing and functioning is complex and sensitive in an extraordinary manner. In order to control it continuously it is but natural that power of high stature is made use of. Its apt measure accompanies us right from our birth and via its usage it is possible to render active in a well self managed manner life’s required functions.

For creation of vital electrical force the human body possesses all means and mediums. Dynamo, armature, magnet etc are present in it. In every organ those juices and bio chemicals are present which generate electrical force. Blood circulation moves this motor and on its basis this electricity is generated ceaselessly.

Within the inner designing of a cell is an important part called mitochondria. In other words it can be termed the electric powerhouse of cells. Food, blood, flesh, bones etc ultimately come to the mitochondria to get converted to energy. This energy keeps active all cells and its collective activity is seen as controller of all beings. This energy can be called micro Prana or micro vital force. The collective form from all bodies can be called macro or great Prana and its cosmic consciousness can be called Cosmic Prana. Within the unit of a cell the micro energy of micro Prana is present exactly in that form wherein Cosmic Prana is active. Despite the difference akin to a drop and the ocean in reality both are interdependent. If the units micro Prana within the cell are not united Great Prana can never come into existence. In the same way if Cosmic Prana did not exist the basis of food digestion would be absent and circulation of electrical flow in the cells would not be possible.

With the help of electricity heater, cooler, fans etc function. Its utility thus can be understood but in this process obstructions too have been noted. Material electricity cannot become electricity of beings and yet electricity of beings can conjoin to material electricity. Such strange happenings have been seen many a time wherein human bodies have been seen to work like dynamos or small generators.

Many examples have been seen wherein one perceives extraordinary electrical flow in the human body. By itself a certain amount of electrical power is seen in everyone but it has its own limits. For desired goals it is used in such a way that it should not be wasted in unwanted tasks. Suppose you touch someone and you don’t get an electrical shock it does not mean that electrical flow is absent totally. Human electricity found in everyone which is called Prana in spiritual parlance sometimes crosses the limits of the body and when touched does give an electrical shock. Star Plus Plumbing

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