Diesel Engine Fire Fighting Water Pump

Often found on fire fighting trucks or in industrial plants, Diesel Engine Fire Fighting Water Pump is used to move water at a pressure high enough to extinguish the fire. Typically, this pump can be connected to the local fire-fighting water network via sprinklers or hydrants. Fire-fighting pumps are mechanical devices that are operated automatically to prevent or control the spread of fires in office buildings, receptive tourist hotels, factories and large shopping centres, for example.

Fire Fighting Pumps are very versatile and can be used for a variety of tasks including irrigation, pressure boosting, transfer over long distances or up hills and elevations. This type of pump can be powered by either a petrol or diesel engine and is very popular with farmers needing a portable irrigation solution.

This pump is a high head diesel fire fighting water pump with an impressive 80m of total head, meaning that it can draw water from 8 meters in height and move up to 18,000 litres per hour. The external pump body is made from marine grade aluminium alloy and powder coated for added corrosion resistance. The ceramic carbon mechanical seals are heavy duty to ensure a long life for the pump. The pump is designed to deliver maximum performance with minimal friction loss and superb hydraulic balancing. It features a big 2 inch bolt on flanged suction port to increase the flow of water into the pump and a heavy duty 3 way outlet with one 1.5″ discharge port, plus two 1″ ports. Metal caps and chains are fitted to the outlets to protect them against damage.

The heart of the fire fighting pump is the impeller which consists of curved blades that are driven by the internal diesel engine. As the engine spins, these blades create a centrifugal force that slings water outward, which helps to extinguish the fire. The water is then delivered by hoses to the area in need of water and is dispersed.

It is important to choose the right size fire fighting water pump for your needs. You will need to take into consideration the amount of water you need, the terrain and any special requirements for the job at hand. You will also need to consider the hose size, as this is what determines how much water you can move over a period of time (GPM). The most common hose size for fire fighting water pumps is a 1.5″ hose which is the same hose size used by many fire departments across Australia.

A common configuration for a fire fighting pump is to use six fire-water pumps in total; two electric motor-driven pumps, two diesel engine-driven pumps and two jockey pumps. This is a very safe and reliable option for critical plants, as this provides backup in case the primary water system fails or runs out of water. This is especially important in plants that need to be shut down for maintenance or emergencies.

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