Computer sound problem and steps to troubleshoot it

Every one of us has friends,

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 but some are close to our heart and we chitchat with them a lot, I too have a close friend in my office, she speaks a lot and I like it, her voice is so melodious, I wish to listen her all the time, but one day I noticed that she got mum, I got shocked and suddenly understood that she has some health problem, when I ask her I was right. Friends, when some one is close to our heart, we easily recognized their feelings, we normally spend lots of time on computer, it becomes a part and partial of our life, we get attached with it, and some day when it doesn’t work properly we easily understand something wrong has taken place. When computer faces sound problems or comes to a mum, it creates a panic in our mind; we   get disturb and try to fix it. This article is to troubleshoot and fix the sound problems of computer.Every computer problem has a reason behind it, which may be hardware, software or both so proper steps should be taken to troubleshoot it, which are as follows,•

Muted audio output unknowingly: Some times some mistakes are done unknowingly and we came to know about it when all our attempts are used to resolve it. Sometimes we accidently mute the sound of our system and in a hurry tries every other attempts to resolve it.Solution:Click on the speaker icon of your tool bar, and check the status of it, if it is muted then unmute it.• Speaker connection problem:Sometimes it happens that your speaker gets loose connected or the cord of it gets damaged, which causes no sound in the system.Solution: The best way to troubleshoot this is to disconnect your speaker and then connect it, if its cord gets damaged then replace it.•

Sound card driver problem:It may be possible that your sound card driver have some problem. Check the sound devices and their drivers installed through ‘Control Panel’.Solution:Re-install your audio driver through appropriate installation CD.

• Failure of your sound card hardware:If you have reinstall your sound card, and the sound problem still exists, then it is possible your sound card hardware has been damaged.Solution:Change your computer sound card hardware, which should be compatible with your motherboard.Windows run an automatic troubleshooter to fix and find the sound problems with your computer, the steps to run the troubleshooter are as follows,• Click the start button.• Click control panel, then system and maintenance and then device manager.• Expand the sound, video and game controllers’ category.• If your installed sound card is listed then proceed further, if not, then install a sound card first.• If there is a yellow question mark next to your installed sound card, there might a problem.• Right click the sound card, then properties.

• Click the general tab, and look in the device status box to identify problems with the sound card.If you face any problem in fixing this issue you can even , it provides online window support,technical support, software’s, protection tools and so on. tv wall mount

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