CNC Machine General Overview

Many experts say that a CNC Machine is one of the best tools a person can have whether they are doing woodworking or other types of work. This is a versatile tool that can make things a lot easier for the person using it.

CNC actually stands for computer numerical control and it is a machine that works through the use of a computer that reads a particular code called a G-Code to make certain parts. This computer does the work by cutting away materials that the code tells it to cut. The machine has certain parameters that it works within and these are determined by a software program.

Before CNC machines, there were NC machines which stands for numerically controlled and the problem with these were that you could not change their parameters that they worked within. As the popularity of these machines grew the CNC came into being but used the old NC styled hardware. Eventually the programs became more sophisticated and used floppy disks instead of punched tape to transfer the codes to the machine until it eventually evolved to what is in place today.

CNC machines were responsible for changing the manufacturing industry. These machines could produce curves, straight lines or complex structures in 3-D without much human interaction. In fact, the machining steps that were required for a human to do were reduced to just a few steps.

As these machines continued to improve and automation began to be instituted in the processes for manufacturing, the CNC machine again improved and decreased the error frequency while improving quality. This automation helped the operator’s production overall. With the CNC automation it brought more flexibility to the way parts were held in the process of manufacturing and it reduced the time it took to change the machine in order to produce different types of components.

Today, there are a variety of uses for the CNC machines and they are controlled through computer files that were created through CAM software packages. This enabled any part of the assembly process to go from design to manufacturing without a drafting plan created on paper.

CNC Machines also are something like a robot system because they can be programmed to do any kind of machine operation that has been programmed into them. They can also run 24 hours a day. Another nice feature is that they can be programmed to call the human operator if it detects a problem in any part of the process.

Through the use of the software programming the CNC machine can cut curves, drill holes, tap, repeat the processes in a series –as an example a series of holes spaced so many spaces apart and it can support logical commands.

There are many different types of CNC machines including routers, wood routers, lathe machines, mill machines, plasma cutters and more. You have several options if you want one from buying one new to making one yourself; there are many plans on the Internet to show you how to build your own. MAIJIN

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