Cloud Gavel – The Electronic Warrant Solution

Developed by Fusionstak LLC, cloud gavel is the nation’s leading Electronic Warrant Solution. The software allows officers to create a warrant while in their squad car and send it directly to the judge or DA for digital review and approval. It also eliminates the need for officers to travel to the courthouse.

The seamless workflow system streamlines the judicial review process, which reduces paperwork and waste. The cloud-based eWarrant software allows officers to submit warrants from any internet-capable device and the judge can review them anywhere at any time through a secure video conferencing link. An audit trail is available to ensure that proper procedures are followed.

This allows officers to spend more of their work hours on the apprehension and conviction of criminals rather than completing and filing paperwork. Additionally, the eWarrant platform saves countless hours, and even days, of police overtime over the course of a year.

In a recent survey of solo practitioners and small law firms, 75% of respondents received unsolicited compliments from their clients about the efficiency and clarity of their intake process built on legal automation software (Gavel). This is great news for lawyers whose key performance indicators include utilization rate, realization rates and collection rates.

XIRA continually enhances GAVEL with innovative functionality to help solo practitioners and small law firms improve their billable hours, reduce operating costs and increase revenues by spending more time doing actual client-centered work. We do this by providing GAVEL for free to attorneys registered on XIRA, expanding the addressable legal marketplace and making law more approachable, affordable and accessible for the masses. cloud gavel

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