Choosing Pedicure Chairs

The pedicure chair is one of the most important pieces of furniture in a salon. Not only are they comfortable and convenient for the client, but they also help create a safe and sanitary work environment. The pedicure chair’s design has changed significantly over the years, and today you can choose from a wide range of styles, options and features.

There are two major kinds of pedicure chairs: piped-in and pipeless. A piped-in chair is fully plumbed, and the water flows into the bowl from your building’s plumbing system. The problem with this is that it can be difficult to clean the pipes between clients, and the water in the pipes can become contaminated with dead skin cells and bacteria. This is why many spas and nail salons now opt for pipeless pedicure chairs.

With a pipeless system, the jets don’t use pipes to create a whirlpool of water, but instead have some kind of propeller inside the bowl that moves the water around, creating the same feel without having the water flow through piping where bacteria can collect. This makes a huge difference in sanitation, and it means that less time is spent on cleaning and sanitizing between clients.

Pipeless pedicure chairs are still easy to maintain, but they don’t have the same issues as their older cousins did. You still need to fill them with fresh water from a tank, but this is much easier to do than attempting to clean a complex network of pipes between each client. If you are looking for a new, high-quality pedicure chair, there is no better choice than a pipeless model.

Other choices to consider include whether the chair has a reclining feature or a massage function. Many of the modern chairs now come with massage capabilities that make the experience more enjoyable for the client. Some even offer an infrared light that soothes the feet and promotes relaxation. And of course, the chairs come in a vast array of colors and upholstery options so you can match them to your salon’s décor.

Finally, if you need to meet inspection codes or local laws regarding ventilation in your salon or spa, we have a number of vented options as well. We carry pedicure chairs with exhaust vents that connect to your building’s air circulation system, so you can improve the air quality in your salon and avoid fines for non-compliance.

Buy-Rite Beauty has a great selection of both traditional and pipeless pedicure chairs, along with technician stools and storage carts to complete your spa set. Contact us with any questions or concerns about our pedicure chairs, and we will be happy to help you select the perfect ones for your salon.

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