Choosing an RV Fridge Fan

If your RV refrigerator is a little warm or even toasty in certain areas, one of the simplest and most cost-effective fixes is an rv fridge fan. These handy appliances boost air circulation, thereby helping the cool air inside the fridge spread evenly throughout, so you can avoid food expiration or spoiling. Plus, they reduce odors by eliminating the stagnant areas that often cause them.

Typically installed on the vent cover, these fans take advantage of existing cooling vents already in place to move cooler air into your refrigerator and warmer air out. They are easy to install and can be powered either by batteries or hardwired into your RV’s electrical system.

You’ll want to choose a fan that is durable, as the rigours of RV travel can sometimes be harsh on mechanical components. Look for fan casings that are built to withstand vibrations and temperature extremes. Choose a fan that’s also energy efficient and has user-friendly controls so you can set it up and turn it off with ease. Lastly, consider a fan with a lifetime manufacturer warranty, as this will provide extra peace of mind when investing in such an important appliance.

One of the most popular rv fridge fans on the market is the Beech Lane RV Fridge Vent Fan. It comes with a 3,000 RPM motor for maximum air output, is easy to install with no additional power sources required, and offers an on/off switch and a lifetime manufacturer warranty. Plus, it’s built to withstand the rigours of RV travel and features an attractive natural color that complements any fridge. rv fridge fan

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