Choosing a Caregiver Agency

Home care agencies provide a way for senior citizens and their families to find caregivers for in-home assistance. These companies recruit, train and screen caregivers to make them available for people in need of help with daily living activities such as bathing, meal preparation, toileting, medication management and shopping. Caregiver agencies are licensed and insured and can often work with long term care insurance, Medicare, or Medicaid to help cover the cost of the services provided.

A family may decide to use a caregivers agency or hire an independent caregiver directly. Both have benefits and drawbacks. The type of care needed will determine which route a family takes. Both options can be overwhelming at first, so it is helpful to discuss the needs and wants of the person receiving the care with the agency or individual caregiver to ensure a good match is made.

When choosing a caregivers agency, it’s important to choose one that offers flexibility to fit the client’s schedule. For example, Robert* needed help with his day-to-day activities twice a week but had a difficult time finding someone who was willing to come to his home at different times each time. He found that Nurse Next Door was flexible enough to meet his scheduling needs, providing him with a dedicated caregiver who came to his home for a couple of hours each week.

If the caregiver from an agency calls in sick or is unable to fulfill their shift, the agency will send another qualified and caring caregiver to fill in. This gives the client peace of mind knowing that they will be covered and there is a back-up plan in place. Agencies also take care of payroll taxes and professional liability and worker’s compensation coverage, which saves the family money.

It’s also a good idea to check the background of a potential caregiver before hiring them. Families and seniors can use an online search to look up the certifications of a prospective caregiver as well as contacting references for information about the person’s experience, level of training and compassion. It’s a good idea for any prospective caregiver to be bonded and insured. Independent (direct hire) caregivers do not carry this coverage and if they get hurt or break something in the client’s house, the family could be held responsible for the cost of repairs.

A caregivers agency is a great option for many seniors and their families, as it provides the peace of mind that comes from knowing that the caregiver has been vetted, criminally background checked, drug tested, and certified to perform the necessary duties. This helps to reduce the stress of hiring and allows the family or senior to focus on what is most important. When looking for a caregivers agency, be sure to consider your loved one’s specific needs and to interview several candidates to ensure the best possible care. To learn more about how to choose the right caregivers agency for your family, contact us today! caregivers agency

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