Button Head Screw Types

Screws are among the most versatile and common types of fasteners in use today. As such, they come in a variety of sizes and lengths to meet almost any needs. Choosing the right screw type for your project requires a little thought to ensure that the fastener will provide the best fit and perform its intended function.

One factor that should be considered is head shape. Screw heads have a very important role to play in how much torque can be applied to the screw. This is because the head creates a large contact area with the tool used to drive it. If too much torque is applied, the screw or the tool will be damaged.

The simplest and most common head type for socket cap screws is the button or dome head. This type of head has a smooth, slightly rounded appearance and is designed to sit flush with the surrounding materials. It is often used for aesthetic purposes but also provides increased load-bearing surface and helps resist loosening.

Other head styles include the cheese or slotted head, which has a single horizontal indentation that can be driven with a flat-bladed screwdriver. These are typically used in light-duty applications or where clearance is limited. Other popular head types include the binder or binder undercut head, which has a narrower profile that is ideal for electrical applications and allows space for wire connections. The truss head or K-Lath head provides a larger bearing surface than pan or round heads but is lower in profile and can be substituted for them in some cases. Tamper-resistant Torx designs, which have a pin-in style drive and make it difficult to remove the screw without special tools, are available for added security. Button Head Screw

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