Burgers and Steaks during your Holiday in Wales

Despite being the wettest country in Europe, the country of Wales is never lacking for some exciting for those who go there on a holiday. You will find many attractions in Wales that are worth exploring not only for the visual appeal but for the learning you will get in visiting these places.  There is also the guarantee of luxurious accommodations in the comfortable and cosy Wales holiday cottages. There are many restaurants in Wales that will tempt your palate. If there is a particular type of dish you are looking for, chances are you will find it here in Wales.

Gourmet Burger Kitchen

You will find forty one Gourmet Burger Kitchen outlets in Great Britain. In Cardiff, it is in 22-24 Mermaid Quay near your Wales holiday cottages. It was put up by 3 New Zealanders who wanted burgers the way that they tasted back in their country. It has changed the way people saw burgers as a fast food item. Because of this restaurant, they see burgers as more luxurious food item using only the freshest and best quality ingredients. Head Chef Peter Gordon uses innovative combinations such as top quality English chicken and Aberdeen Angus Scotch beef among the other fine ingredients in making nutritious dishes. You will also find chorizo and sweet potato, vegetarian portabella mushrooms or lamb and minted relish.

You can find 31 different choices on the menu including the classic burger made with pure beef and served with salad and relish, with or without cheese and with sauces such as spicy satay, smoked mayo, fresh chilli and Thai red curry. The Kiwi is made of unique ingredients like beetroot, fried egg and pineapple. You can also find chicken breast with streaky bacon, salad and avocado. Vegetarians will have several choices as well. Wines, beers, fresh fruit juices, soft drinks and milkshakes are some of the drinks options you can order. You can also order some burgers for take-away to enjoy in your comfortable Wales holiday cottages.

TGI Friday’s

If you are in the mood for some American food, TGI Fridays is the place to go. The first TGI Friday’s was opened in New York in 1965 and then brought to Birmingham in the UK in 1986. There are currently 48 outlets in the UK including one in 15-17 Bridge Street Arcade in St David’s Shopping Centre in Cardiff which is just a few minutes from your Wales holiday cottages.

Menus vary in the different restaurants but the cuisine is American. For appetizers, you can order Jack Daniel’s wings (chicken wings with Jack Daniel’s sweet and smokey glaze coating) or spinach and artichoke hearts coated with rich and creamy cheese sauce and served with crisp corn tortillas. For the main course, order some of the exciting steaks such as the 12 oz rib eye. You can also get burgers, chicken, fish, ribs, sandwiches, fajitas, salads and pasta. Chocolate fudge would be a great dessert choice. With more than 500 cocktails in the list, the Long Island Iced Tea would be a great choice. You can also get some beer, wine and soft drinks.  A few minutes from your Wales holiday cottages, you can already get some exciting American food. conservatory roofs south wales

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