Benefits of Real-Time Utility Monitoring

Utility monitoring allows buildings to view their energy usage and spot anomalies. It can also reduce overall energy costs by detecting and reducing waste.

Using the latest technology, real time tracking solutions offer advanced analytics that leverage machine learning to help analyze data, forecast demand, optimize usage, and identify potential areas for improvement. In addition, many real-time tracking systems are designed to integrate seamlessly with existing management infrastructure and devices. This ensures minimal disruption during implementation and enables organizations to take advantage of existing investments.

Increased Energy Efficiency: Real-time monitoring provides insights into energy consumption patterns, allowing utilities and consumers to make informed energy-saving recommendations. This can result in up to 15% reduction in energy usage and utility bills.

Faster Fault Detection: With real-time monitoring, power outages and faults can be detected and identified more quickly. This improves grid resiliency and reduces repair times. It also facilitates the integration of renewable energy sources into the grid.

A real-time monitoring solution like Copper’s eGauge can watch your electrical usage using sensors called current transformers (CTs) in the electric panel and display this information online in real time. This enables you to identify energy wastage resulting from equipment in use or not in service, unexpected demand charges, loss of renewable production and other costly failures that you wouldn’t see on your utility bill. The eGauge can even send you text or email alerts when specific thresholds are reached. This gives you a quick response to problems before they become serious, saving you money in maintenance and repair costs. real-time utility monitoring

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