Benefits of Real-Time Utility Monitoring

In an energy management system, real-time utility monitoring means having a live feed of your building’s energy usage. This enables you to quickly spot waste, inefficiency, errors or neglect, helping you save energy, reduce costs and ensure compliance with your energy budgets and targets.

This is a huge improvement on interval data which only provides information on demand, consumption or power costs with a 24-hour delay. With interval data, you may only see readings from the meter every fifteen minutes. This means if something spontaneous happens in your building, you might not have any idea until the next day’s readings come in at 9am.

Other benefits of a real-time system include:
Faster Fault DetectionWith real-time tracking, issues can be detected and resolved in a timely manner. This not only improves grid resiliency and customer satisfaction, but it also minimizes costs by reducing outages and maintenance time. It also enables utilities to optimize energy distribution by identifying congestion points and redistributing energy flows, resulting in reduced power losses. Additionally, it allows for seamless integration of renewable energy sources into the grid for sustainable power generation. This is all made possible by real-time tracking, making it a vital component of any effective energy management program. real-time utility monitoring

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