Bag Reviews – Definitions of the Most Common Bag Names

So for the bag reviews part I will list and break down some of the most common names for the different bag types.

There is a bit overlap in naming, and there can be cases where one name can refer to different bag types as well… If you like my article, you can read my honest bag reviews by following the link at the base of this article.

1. Garment bags
Garment bags are basically suitcases that can be unfolded to hung up on walls, wardrobes.

It is very popular among business travelers. With this type of bag you can transport your garments keeping them from wrinkling. Usually they are light-weight bags made from polyester meant to protect clothes at the first place, and also to carry regularly needed stuff on travels like toiletries, phone, papers etc. Basically garments bags are more compact bags for short travels.

2. Messenger Bags/Courier Bags
A messenger bag or courier bag is that typical type of bag that can be recognized by its style; It is worn across one shoulder with a strap or it is worn over the head and over one shoulder. This type of bag is favored by bicyclist and “city travelers” because the content of the bag can be reached without removing the bag itself. It is a very handy and popular type of carry-on, although If you are carrying heavy stuff on you, you should consider a backpack to lower the stress over your spine.

3. Tots
Tote bags are a large bags to carry several small and medium-sized items at the same time. They can have characteristics of a basket and they are meant to carry things that can’t be put in purses, messenger bags etc. (e.g. beach stuff, several books at the same time). Tots are generally made for women, but there are tots available for men as well as the fashion industry tend to keep moving in this direction. Tots can be recognized by their short handles and either an open or zipped top.

4. Duffle Bags
Duffle bags originally had cylindrical forms and made for army, but now with the term “duffle bags” we refer to oblong bags which are suitable for carrying heavy clothes, sport accessories, and large, one shouldered bags either in a rectangular or cylindrical shape. These kind of baggage are preferred by sportsmen and by those who travel a lot. If you don’t know what is a duffle bag, just remember the classic army movies. The big green cases with shoulder straps, formerly those were duffle bags.

5. Carry-on Bags
Under carry-on bags we mean smaller bags which can be taken by a person to planes, buses and they will fit under seats or fit into containers on that particular vehicle. With carry-on cases you can refer to different type of holders, the emphasis is on the possibility to carry it on yourself almost anywhere.

6. Purses, man purses
The term comes from American English. It means a smaller handbag then for example the messenger bag, but it has got similar attributes. Often designed in a fashionable style in mind. It’s big enough to carry personal items like perfumes, phones, wallets, keys or magazines, but for example they won’t fit even with a net-book nor a laptop.

These were the most common bag naming terms you can find on the internet at the end of 2011. There are also several other terms like wallets, luggage, packing cubes and even daypacks, but those will remain for another article! Michael Kors the tote handbag

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