Alternatives to WeTransfer

File sharing is one of the most useful tools in any business. It allows teams to easily share documents, media files and PDFs with each other. This is especially helpful in collaborative environments where you need to review and approve files before they’re sent off to clients or colleagues. Choosing the right file sharing platform can save shedloads of time, effort and expletives in your daily work life. WeTransfer is the reigning champion of file transfers, but there are many great alternatives to choose from.

The primary pain points of WeTransfer include limited file size, slow uploads/downloads and time restrictions on download links. If you’re looking for a more robust file sharing tool that can also help with collaboration, then we recommend taking a look at the more advanced solutions like Dropbox or Smash.

Smash is all about the transfer and it’s super simple to use. All you have to do is select the files or folders that you want to send, add a bit of info and a download link will be generated. Once the link is clicked, the recipient can download the files and you can track their progress from the dashboard.

Unlike WeTransfer, Smash doesn’t have a limit on file size, but it’s important to note that transfers over 2 GB won’t receive priority treatment, so they might take longer than expected. Additionally, Smash doesn’t have a lot of support options, so it could be difficult to get your hands on someone when you run into any problems.

Another great alternative to WeTransfer is pCloud Transfer, which offers a ton of features that will make your workflow easier. For example, you can add a custom message to each transfer and set an expiration date for your links. You can also password protect your files and manage their availability with pCloud Transfer. You can even use the app to upload files directly from your computer or mobile device.

One of the main draws of pCloud is its storage. It starts at 5 GB for free and goes up to 50 GB with a reasonable subscription. Additionally, pCloud offers encrypted cloud storage and is backed by federal level security. Moreover, it provides end-to-end encryption and zero-knowledge security so only the owner of the data will be able to access it.

For those who prefer a more simple, no-frills solution, then you might be interested in the user-friendly Terashare. This WeTransfer alternative relies on P2P file sharing and is available for both Windows and macOS. It’s easy to use and includes dedicated apps for both iOS and Android. Besides that, Terashare lets you create and share files of up to 10 GB for free. You can store these files for up to 14 days, and for additional security, the app also allows you to add password protection to your transfers.

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