A tool for learning or a step towards the profession?

It is good to make it immediately clear: although some lecturers still insist on saying that the thesis is only a test moment for the student who must learn a method (usually the scientific one) to expose the thesis and theories, and therefore the topic the thesis is not that important … the job market adopts other parameters and measures to hire new staff!

Do not be fooled or misled by assertions of this kind: often such responses are given by those teachers who have many theses to follow and who for bureaucratic purposes are forced to take “on charge” for you to graduate!

The truth is that making a good thesis on a topic “gluttonous” to companies is already a significant step forward in order to be able to present itself to future job interviews! So guys, once it’s clear which sector is right for you … take that road and make a relevant thesis!

It is good, however, to remember that the Degree Thesis represents the culminating and most qualifying moment of every university career and is the deserved goal of a journey made of hard sacrifices.

Often it represents the synthesis of a cultural heritage accumulated over years of study and therefore must surely be an original work, a creative and unique work, carried out by the student under the guidance of the teacher who is the subject of the subject and his collaborators. Usually to support the thesis on a subject or at a specific chair, it is necessary to have passed the exam, even if the provisions on the subject of degree theses depend on the individual universities.

We recall, in fact, that following the abolition of the “Ruberti” law (341/90), Italian universities have acquired very wide autonomy in this regard.

Fundable theses: company scholarships

The thesis could be the source of many satisfactions if done in a certain way and could prepare you for the insertion in some company ready also to finance you with generous scholarships!

Another factor to take into consideration when choosing is precisely to find out which public and private organizations offer scholarships and funding for theses carried out in specific sectors and topics. In the latter case, you could also be encouraged by an immediate financial compensation, as well as by any job offers from the company that funded you.
Finding this information is not always easy. However, we can give you some useful advice:

  • Always look at students’ message boards and billboards within your faculties: often scholarship notice announcements are posted for theses in
  • Use the Internet
  • Bibliographic research

Bibliographic research is an important element that normally precedes the composition of the thesis. Most of the time, to get a good bibliography it is necessary to spend your days in the dusty files of the major libraries, or in the cellars of the most advanced research centers, and then select among a considerable amount of titles those that are most relevant to the topic of work is getting ready.

Recently, students have started to search authors and titles directly on the Internet, speeding up time and saving energy. What can we expect to find from the Web?

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