A Luxury Weekend in Washington DC

The capital of the United States and home of America’s politics and government, Washington DC is anything but stuffy. Even though the unparalleled history is what brings in the visitors every year, travellers will find an exciting and often modern metropolis awaits them, with plenty of alternative things to do and magnificent luxury hotels.

Getting In and Around

As you’d expect from a capital, Washington is well connected by air and rail. Once inside the city, it’s a walkers’ paradise – compact and easy to navigate, the sights can all be reached by foot. For those wanting to go a little further afield, the metro provides excellent service and runs out to Georgetown and beyond. Alternatively, taxis are more expensive but still reasonable within the city limits.

Luxury Hotels in Washington DC

Thanks to the large number of visitors who arrive in the city each year for both business and pleasure, there are plenty of luxury hotels in Washington DC which offer excellent locations and comfort for a cosy weekend. Give the ultra-chic Hotel George a try – a boutique hotel with a classy French restaurant, plenty of nods to the city’s favourite father George Washington (including a pop art portrait in the lobby) and commendable eco credentials.

Sightseeing on the Mall

The National Mall in Washington DC is where the crowds inevitably head – this unique park is filled with monuments, museums and government buildings which not only epitomise American history but are also recognised by people from all over the world. The infamous sights include the White House, US Capitol, Lincoln Memorial and the Reflecting Pool. There’s certainly no need to worry about a map here – just take a walk and marvel at the power which emanates from every corner.

Inside, tourists can also enjoy a collection of world-class museums along the Mall, such as the National Gallery of Art, Natural History Museum, Air and Space Museum and International Spy Museum. These are mostly situated in the east side.

Alternative Attractions

Even though the Mall should not be missed – and has more than enough to keep travellers busy for a month – there are plenty of other attractions away from the hordes. Check out the National Zoo in Woodley Park or the National Arboretum (northeast) and the Kenilworth Aquatic Gardens in Anacostia if nature sparks your interest.

Or, if architecture is your love, head to Embassy Row for an impressive view of the historic and modernist mansions. Picturesque Georgetown is another area perfect for a wander and a visit to see the beautiful colonial buildings and Jesuit university campus. Further afield, the magnificent Catholic National Shrine is similarly worth the journey. Bachelor Party Cartagena

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