A 5 Step Guide to Conservatory Roof Blinds

If you have recently constructed a conservatory on your property, or are planning to do so, then you should consider the issue of whether or not you wish to fit conservatory roof blinds sooner rather than later. Giving your conservatory protection from the sun by installing overhead blinds is probably one of the most important actions you can take with regard to your conservatory. In this article we will give you 5 steps you should take when considering the issue of roof blinds for your conservatory.

  1. Take stock of the location of your conservatory. Unless your conservatory is in a very shaded location, then the high summer sun is almost definitely going to be shining on your conservatory roof for extended periods of the day. For this reason you will have to consider some form of protection for the interior of your conservatory, and protection for you and your family. Harmful UV rays will have no difficulty entering the room unless you put up glazing that has good reflective capabilities or fit some sort of blinds internally.
  2. If you have not yet constructed your conservatory, decide your course of action. If your conservatory is still at the planning stage, then you have plenty of options. You can roof the structure with polycarbonate glazing that has solar insets fitted and this will give excellent protection from the sun. You can also fit solar controlled glass, which has similar properties. You may even still decide that conservatory roof blinds are the best option for you, because in addition to protecting you they also give you additional privacy and keep the sun off your furniture and fittings.
  3. If the conservatory is already in place and you find that the sun is a problem, then there are still actions you can take. You can for example, apply a glazing window film to the interior of the glazing, which is excellent at reflecting harmful rays and glare. You can also choose to fit internal conservatory roof blinds or even external roof blinds if that is your preference. Internal roof blinds have the advantage of providing your home with an additional splash of décor as well as providing you and your family with protection from the sun.
  4. Choose the type of blinds that you wish to fit. Roof blinds can be difficult to fit as many roof panels are wedge shaped and gravity becomes an issue – you do not want your blinds to sag and droop after a short time. Popular choices of roof blinds are Pleated blinds, roller blinds or pinoleum blinds (which are comprised of timber slats).
  5. Search online for suitable blinds for your conservatory. From the privacy of your home you can compare prices, styles and get quotes for the blinds that may suit you. tiled roof conservatory cost

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